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Diamonds just look like broken glass to me
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11th-Jan-2009 11:42 am - (=

15th-Sep-2008 09:14 pm - o_o Boy, what a day.

So, I noticed to day, that I haven't posted anything here for seven weeks.
I'm almost as bad at keeping this up as I was when I was in 4th grade and tried to keep a diary >.<
But whatever. Today seemed like a good day to write =]

When I first came in, it was pretty awful, because loads of people were all over me because they haven't seen me for so long, and some bastard jock stole my crutch, so I had to hobble around holding onto my boyfriend's shoulder =P
And also I found out today, that my locker is right over on the other side of my school, almost as far away from my homeroom as possible. And I couldn't find it because locker numer 182 used to be located in the west wing, but they've got some new lockers and now they're were 182 used to be, so I was completely lost, but fortunately my friend found me before i could get too confused, and she showed me where it was.

My schedule today was pretty darn shite too, so i had P.E. first but I couldn't participate because I still can't walk well enough to be able to join in with fun activities like Badminton >.< So yeah, I had a whole lesson of sitting around alone in the bleachers taking the piss out of the cheerleader (not much fun by yourself, I must admit =P)

Next I had English Lit. Which is great, kick ass subject, I was really looking forward to it, because my teacher this year is one I look up to quite a bit. And of course, I get called to the Vice Principal - I mean you think he could have had the grace to pull me out of an awful lesson, but no.
So I hobbled along to his office, and I was surprised to see my mom sitting there, and I had to sit and listen to my mom and my vice principal talk about how I was to get about school without damaging myself and all that THEN they started talking about how I could get better faster. Obviously sports was the first thing that came into my VP's mind, he was totally a jock back in the day =P So my mom was like, 'Oh Well she can do swimming again, like she did last year.' and I mean, i'm ok with swimming, its ok-ish, and I'll probably be able to get away with slacking because of my accident XP
And then track came up, and somehow, i'm being forced back to doing track. I FUCKING HATE THE DAMN SPORT >.< 
I can bearly walk, let alone run. I swear, these people are out to get me =l

So yeah, I went back to class in a really pissed off mood, and that was only to be enhanced by being told that I'd missed break and now I had AP Calculus.
I honestly don't know how I made it into that class, I suck hugely at anything mathy. And i have only one friend  (WARREN!!!!) in it, but he's a pretty awsome dude, so i'm reasonably happy, although my teacher is a hag =/

Next I had lunch, which was alright, but I had canter attention quite alot and it anoyed me >.<
After that I had Art and World History, art is like awsome, but in World History, my teacher made me sit at front, and he kept tripping over my leg, which really hurt.
Then i had latin and i got told off for making up words O.o but wtf? how do they expect me to remember it all, it sounded right. oh well =]

so yeah, i'm in a bit of an annoyed mood >:[
22nd-Jul-2008 08:08 pm - Hmmm

Well, I thought that I'd better write here for once, I'm still confused about all this seriously O.o 
So yeah, I'm not really sure what I should write here, I mean a journal is like a diary right? (this sounds superly ridiculous because I don't think anyone is actually going to read this, so thearetically, I'm talking to myself, but whatever...) 
So if anyone kind could posibly explain to me how this whole thing works ... well that'd just be awsome XD 
But as i said before I doubt anyone will (or even want to) read this shit, so yeah =) 

hmm, do we have to sign at the end? 
whatever, I'll do so anyways ...

xxx Elle xxx

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